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Welcome to the ChefRelief.org Web site!

 We are Chefs and food loving people.  Our goal is to feed where there is a need.  ChefRelief.org started with the love for people and the need to give something back.  Ever since the night of 9/11/2001 we set up a group of chefs in NJ and got our organization recognized by The FBI, FEMA, Red Cross and The Salvation Army.  We were the first wave of Hot Food there and stayed until there was no longer a need.  We worked with The Salvation Army in Florida last year after the hurricanes blew through.  We supplied over 25,000 meals to the relief.  ChefRelief.org has been there in the time of need and now we feel that this origination will be there in the times to come.

 Our goal is to one day be recognized and supported as a large member of the relief community.  And with your help we can get to that stage.  ChefRelief.org is made up of all kinds of food related people, with the same goal, TO FEED WHERE THERE IS A NEED.

Thank you all for your time and please be a part of the relief community.

Support one of your Relief organizations today.

ChefRelief.org has been there to feed following 9/11 and the hurricanes in Florida last year.  We will be there to feed in the future, but we need your help to continue our work.

Help Us Help the Victims of Haiti


Please send in you check donation to:


1520 Carafe Cr

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Call Chef Michael Morrison


ChefRelief.org has opened its bank account and is ready to receive its own Donations.

Thanks You and God Bless.


Please Ship all food Donations to:



Kajun Kettle Foods

Att: ChefRelief.org

698 St. George Ave

New Orleans, LA 70121


Fax 504.736.0517






bullet The Salvation Army
bulletThe Red Cross
bullet FEMA
bulletHomeland Security
bullet RCA








News:  We have donated over 6 truck loads of food and water to Haiti in the past few weeks.





     Project Coordinator


1520 Carafe Cr

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Chef Michael Morrison


Email: Help@ChefRelief.org


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